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The Advantage Plan

Next-Level Benefits for® Plumbing Customers Plumbing is always aiming to provide more benefits to our customers, making the experience of calling a plumber simpler and easier every time. That’s why we created the Advantage Plan, a membership that gives next-level service to our loyal and high-needs clients. When you want to make your plumbing experience even smoother and stress-free, call to learn more about the program!

The Advantage Plan offers the following benefits to our members:

Priority Scheduling

Members of the Advantage Plan are given priority when they need emergency service. No more wondering if there’s a plumber available to help you—you’ll always have a Plumbing technician ready to provide any plumbing or sewer repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Preferential Pricing

One of the perks of the Advantage Plan is our members automatically receive a discount—across the board—for any service we provide.

Periodic Specials

On top of the flat rate discount, Advantage Plan members receive special discounts and loyalty awards on a regular basis, leading to more savings and convenience.

Personalized Records

Of the benefits we offer, a thorough record of your plumbing inspections might be the most powerful. As an Advantage Plan client, you’ll have an updated record of every visit, listing every issue or repair we have completed. We’ll get to know your plumbing system, which means we’ll be even more cost-effective and precise with our diagnoses.

Transferable Agreement

Are you ready to sell your home? Not to worry—the Advantage Plan is completely transferrable.

Multiple Site Coverage

If you own multiple homes or properties, your Advantage Plan membership will apply to all of your properties as long as they are within an area currently serviced by Plumbing.

Call to learn more about our Advantage Plan today!

*Check with your local Plumbing about the terms and conditions. Advantage Plan offerings may vary by location.

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